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The FIRE installation shows nature's life cycle and illustrates how the various elements draw power from each other and accelerate in collective strength. In this part, it is shaped and visually informed by how the forest fires, which the drought of climate change gives, are accelerated and nourished by the wind. The circle that becomes complete in the reflection is a symbol of nature's cycle.


We have had a two-way relationship with fire since time immemorial. It gives us warmth, allows us to cook and was used to keep wild animals away from our settlements. The fire eats the oxygen it requires to survive. It needs careful control and intervention in order to be used by us. But our control is an arrogant illusion, for if the fire takes over it is immediate and ruthless. Three billion animals died in the fires in Australia 2019-2020. At the same time, it is an important part of a balanced ecosystem where the fire cleanses, stimulates vegetation and facilitates a rejuvenation of the landscape which allows animals and plants to spread and flourish once again. The circle has closed.
The installation had its premiere in Brantevik 2020.

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