The 4 Elements is an art project that revolves around the four elements.

The work with the project's various themes is under development and is expected to be completed in the spring/summer of 2021.


The former president of the Seychelles, Danny Faure, gave an impassioned speech at the UN in 2019 where he expressed his concern regarding climate change and how the rising sea level in particular is affecting his nation.


To help raise awareness of their plight the President has invited me to exhibit my Water installation at The Seychelles Biennale of Contemporary Art in August 2021.

The plan is for The 4 Elements to be placed at the very centre of their capital, Victoria.


Going forward, The 4 Elements installations will be placed in selected locations such as railway stations and airports to maximise eyes on impact in order to engage and influence people on the spot.


I believe in the future and in science and in man's ability to solve the problems we face.



Step one is the exhibition in the Seychelles in August 2021.

Step two is to build on my participation at the Bienalle of Contemporary Art by bringing The 4 Elements to Europe with an exhibition at the Bienalle in Venice in April 2022.  


My vision is to have a The 4 Elements installation at different railway stations and airports around the world, starting with Sweden where work regarding agreements and permissions is currently in progress.


The fulfilment of the project will result in an exhibition where the four key elements are shown as four central pieces, evoking mans impact on the environment and the resultant devastation to our natural world.


It is hoped that by placing The 4 Elements at major transport hubs it will generate interest and debate by all who see it as well as standing as a reminder to all of the fragility and balance of our world.